Circle of Light Photo Project

A Unique Art Collection

image of green eye with Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank logo in top right corner, the words "Circle of Light photo project" cover the pupil of the eye

The Circle of Light Photo Project is a collection of photographs taken by people whose sight was restored through cornea transplants. The project educates the public about the impact eye donation has on the lives of those in our communities.

Cornea transplant recipients show the world the things they can now see by participating in this important project.

In 2024, the Circle of Light Photo Project will be a traveling exhibit featured at the Denver International Airport, various local libraries across Colorado and Wyoming, several key medical partners such as Northern Colorado Medical Center, Banner Wyoming Medical Center and UCHealth Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Eye Center and even select photos featured statewide in all Wyoming Driver Services offices. We're very excited to share your gratitude for restored sight through your photos with our communities! Click here to view all locations beginning in 2024!

Can I submit photos?

All cornea transplant recipients can submit photos year-round. 

Deadline for the traveling exhibits: February 29, 2024.

What should I take photos of?

That's entirely up to you. We suggest you look around for the things you had trouble seeing or doing before your transplant. Maybe you already have a favorite photo you took after your transplant. If not, we suggest going on a walk through a park or your neighborhood and look for details in the everyday things you see. Close-ups and landscapes all work. We've had everything from traffic, to food, to vacations. Be creative! View past photo submissions.

sunset with clouds reflected in small lake with reeds on shoreline

Where will my photos be displayed?

Selected photos will be showcased in a traveling exhibit in 2024. 
Details and locations to be announced.

Will my photo be up for sale?

We are not posting photos for sale at this time.

How many photos can I submit?

Please select your top photos and submit a maximum of no more than 5 photos.

Please email us.