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Circle of Light Photo Project

A Unique Art Exhibit Featuring You!

The Circle of Light Photo Project is an annual art exhibit of photographs taken by people whose sight was restored through cornea transplants. The exhibit not only educates the public about the impact eye donation has on the lives of our communities, but it also helps support the eye bank's mission through an auction of the photos from the exhibit. 

We hope that, as a transplant recipient, you'll show the world the things you can now see and participate in this important project. It's a great way to give back and to help support the eye bank's sight-saving mission!

How Do I Submit Photos?

Click here to submit photos!

What Is The Deadline To Submit Photos?


What Should I Take Photos Of?

That is up to you! We suggest you really look around for the things that you had trouble seeing or doing before your transplant. 

Maybe you have a favorite photo you've taken after your transplants. If not, we suggest going on a walk through a park or your neighborhood and look for details in the everyday things you see. Close-ups and landscapes all work. We've had everything from traffic, to food, to vacations. Be creative! 

You can see some examples of past exhibit photos here. 

Will My Photo Be In The Online Gallery?

Only selected photographs will be featured in the online gallery.

How Many Photos Can I Submit?

As many as you like! 

Other Questions? Call our Public & Professional Relations Department or send us an email.