Eye Surgery Grant

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The Eye Surgery Grant (ESG) is a project of the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. It is a cooperative effort with the Lions Clubs and ophthalmologists of Colorado and Wyoming. The ESG provides grants through local Lions Clubs for eye surgeries, so that the clubs can help residents of Colorado and Wyoming who are financially unable to obtain medical treatment.


  • The Eye Surgery Grant is a project of the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank through the Board of Directors.
  • The primary purpose of the Eye Surgery Grant is to provide financial aid for surgery to patients through a local Sponsoring Lions Club. Grant money is available for local Lions Clubs to apply for eye surgeries for residents of Colorado and Wyoming. Primary attention shall be paid to financial status and lack of insurance coverage for the requested procedure.
  • The local sponsoring Lions Club is the applicant.
  • The patient (or parent/guardian) MUST be unable to pay for eye surgery and not qualify for other assistance such as Medicare or Medicaid. All other avenues of aid should be sought prior to applying for Eye Surgery Grant financing.
  • The local Sponsoring Lions Club must cooperate with RMLEB, ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, and surgical facilities willing to provide services discounted to Medicare rates to patients with demonstrated financial need and no insurance coverage for the requested procedure.
  • The Eye Surgery Grant will provide up to 80% of the Medicare rate (or lesser) of each approved surgery. A minimum of 20% of the total of each surgery must come from sources other than the RMLEB Eye Surgery Grant.

Please review the instructions first.

Download the Instructions

After reviewing the instructions, please download the fillable application.

Download the Application

After surgery has taken place, the Verification of Surgical Treatment must be completed before funds from the Eye Surgery Grant can be paid.

Download the Verification

If needed, a RMLEB board director can assist with the process or application. Please send us an email if you have questions.