Our Lions Connection

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank was founded in 1982 by the Lions of Colorado and Wyoming. We are proud of our connection to Lions and their continued service to our sight-saving mission. 

We Serve

Lions began providing support for eye banks more than 60 years ago. There are Lions eye banks in many countries, and all Lions eye banks are non-profit organizations that must:

  • be sponsored by a Lions club or district
  • operate within established LCI board policy
  • establish a working relationship with a medical facility
  • appoint Lions in good standing to serve as the majority of board of director members
  • comply with government medical and education standards

Serving the International Communityworld map with purple pins indicating countries where the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank have provided eye tissues for transplant

Lions eye banks, including the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, work to fulfill the "We Serve" motto.

RMLEB also serves an international community, just as Lions do. Since eye banks do not exist in every country, Lions eye banks often provide healthy corneas to surgeons in other countries. At the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, for example, donated eye tissues are first placed with recipients on a local transplant waiting list. If a suitable recipient cannot be found locally, a search is conducted with other eye banks in the United States. If a suitable recipient still cannot be found, a search is conducted through international networks to find a recipient in other parts of the world. In this way, all viable corneas are transplanted.

Support for Lions Eye Banks

The cost of operating a nonprofit Lions eye bank includes maintaining a professional staff and purchasing medical equipment. At the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, the ever-increasing costs of supplies and compliance with governmental regulations has had an impact on costs. Financial support from Lions helps the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank to continue our sight-saving mission.