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Neusidl Corneal Inserter

No Endo Touch!

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is now the exclusive provider of the Neusidl Corneal Inserter (NCI) in the Rocky Mountain region. The NCI meets the requirements of an ideal inserter for the DSAEK procedure. The platform of the NCI is configured to fold the tissue into an elliptical chamber. The capillary attraction between the platform and tissue prevents the donor tissue from collapsing on itself. Once inserted into the anterior chamber, the elliptical distal tip protects the tissue from direct compression during passage through the incision. The NCI offers obvious advantages over other currently used insertion techniques. Unlike other techniques, there is no direct tissue compression during folding. The donor button is protected by the elliptical chamber during insertion. Once inserted, no further manipulation is needed to orient the tissue. No additional incisions, separate AC maintainer, or special forceps are needed to pull the tissue into the anterior chamber.

The NCI’s advantages include:

  • Tissue/graft spatula and inserter in one.
  • Folds donor tissue without overlap. No viscoelastic required.
  • Endothelial cells never come into direct contact with each other or instrument. • Protects tissue from direct compression during insertion through incision (5.2 mm).
  • Platform unfolds donor button in AC without additional manipulation. No need to mark tissue to determine proper orientation.
  • Eliminates the need for a separate AC maintainer.
  • Built-in irrigation channel deepens AC to prevent tissue trauma during insertion.

Below are links to articles written by Michael W. Belin, MD, FACS, that provide additional information on the functionality and advantages of the NCI.

If you are interested in speaking with the eye bank about the device or scheduling wet lab time to test it, contact Staci Terrin, technical manager, at 720-848-3957 or