Pre-sectioned EK Tissue

Not all Ultra-thin EK Grafts are Created Equal

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank prepares pre-sectioned DSAEK tissue in-house. This not only decreases transport time and costs but also offers a new service: the ultra-thin EK graft. Our Ultra-thin grafts are between 40 and 90 microns, which is far thinner than what most eye banks consider to be ultra-thin. Our expertise in the "double pass" technique ensures a quality that is backed by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging and post-sectioning specular microscopy every time. 

A typical cornea before processing for DSAEK. OCT examination shows the cornea is 569 microns thick.
OCT images accompany every EK tissue processed by RMLEB.
The first pass produces a conventional DSAEK graft. Whether or not you request an ultra-thin graft,
OCT is used to measure the thickness of the tissue. Standard grafts are >100 microns.
The second pass can produce a graft with a thickness between 40 and 90 microns. You have the assurance of an accurate, precision graft at the time of surgery without the risk of in-OR errors.

RMLEB employs OCT to measure the precise thickness of the prepared graft. Ordering your standard thickness or ultra-thin, pre-sectioned graft from the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank ensures a quality graft prepared by experienced technicians every time.

Tissue for IntraLase-Enabled Keratoplasty is also available. Both types of pre-sectioned tissue are prepared in compliance with applicable governmental laws and regulations relating to the procurement, storage, processing and distribution of human tissue.

The processing adds only two days to the tissue placement process, so surgeries scheduled according to our scheduling policy (no more than 6 weeks in advance) can easily be accommodated. Please note: pre-sectioned tissues cannot be returned to RMLEB.

For additional information, call 720-848-3959 or email distribution@corneas.org.