RMLEB Contributes to EBAA's Pride Blogs

By Kerry Halladay - July 12, 2023

Eye Bank Association of America decided to “pass the mic” and invited LGBTQ+ members to submit Pride-themed blog posts in June. Kerry, a member of Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank’s community and professional relations team, took up that invitation. They shared their perspective on what Pride really means: A place to belong.

Kerry argued that Pride — just like any place — is shaped by the assumptions and behaviors of people who occupy a space. Those assumptions and behaviors can either be welcoming and communicate that people belong, or they can say that only certain people belong. Pride is a place where Kerry and others like them can feel like they belong, but there are ways to make any place — including eye banking — somewhere where more people belong.

Read more about how here: Pride is a Place to Belong.

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