2023 Excellence in Eye Banking Award

Technical Manager Recognized by RMLEB Board of Directors

By Lisa Cordova - July 14, 2023

Technical Manager Recognized by RMLEB Board of Directors

On Friday, July 7, 2023, RMLEB Technical Manager, Staci Terrin, was awarded the 2023 Excellence in Eye Banking award. Staci joined RMLEB back in December of 2014. Her first position was Recovery Technician. Staci served in this role for two years. Staci then was promoted to the Lead position for Recovery Technician staff. In 2017 Staci was signed off to begin processing and then she became the Recovery Technician supervisor. In 2019 Staci became the Technical Manager and has served in this position for the past four years. Out of all of her experience and responsibilities, Staci really enjoys teaching and training staff and watching them grow as eye bank professionals. This aspect of her position is the most rewarding and gratifying.

Staci grew up in Arizona and moved to Colorado in 2004. She lives in Johnstown with her husband of 17 years and her 3 kids. She is very proud of her son Caleb age 16, and daughters Aspen and Summer ages 13 and 14. Staci loves spending time on her little farm caring for her goats, chickens, dogs, and cats. She enjoys running, hiking, and spending time at the lake.

RMLEB is proud to have Staci on our team. Join us in congratulating Staci's accomplishments!

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