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Fraudulent Emails Alert

Emails from domain similar to attempt to divert money

By Robert Austin - March 3, 2020

A serious matter was brought to our attention and it is important that you be alerted to it as well. There have been attempts to impersonate the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank via emails that indicate a change in how we receive invoice payments and that give instructions on how to transfer money to these new accounts. These emails will come from an email address that uses a derivation of our domain name: (with an extra 's').  These are fraudulent emails attempting to impersonate the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. Do not follow any instructions given in these emails, should you receive one. 

We are working very closely with our IT security team and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to identify those responsible. Measures have already been put in place to decrease threats. None of our systems have been hacked and it appears that the perpetrators were able to intercept other business emails to certain clients in order to send these fraudulent emails.

We ask that you please take note of the following information:

1. Please contact us immediately at 720-848-3940 or by email at if you received any emails of this nature from this domain ( asking you to send money or pay invoices to a new bank account. We are working very closely with authorities in this matter and any information will be important to the ongoing investigation. 

2. Note that any business email from the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is from the domain @corneas.orgWe will never change our fees or invoicing and payment processes without 30 days advanced notice, mailed to you in writing on our organizational letterhead. We do not notify our customers of policy changes via email. 

3. If, at any time, you receive any emails that do not follow the process outlined above, or any email you feel may be suspicious, please call us at 720-848-3937. We are always happy to assist you. 

Our relationship is important and we are working hard to ensure this matter is resolved swiftly.




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