Eye Donation Month

purple box with heading november is eye donation month then two tan eye shaped circles with words nearly 2500 eye tissue donors in colorado and wyoming each year thousands of sight restorative transplants annually providing the gift of sight since 1982 rocky mountain lions eye bank logo in white tan bow in top right hand corner

Gain a new perspective and let your ability to restore sight change your view!

Eye Donation Month is observed every November across the United States in partnership with the Eye Bank Association of America. In Colorado and Wyoming, the staff at the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is celebrating region-wide sharing the purpose of Eye Donation Month, which is to:

  • Raise Awareness about cornea donation and transplantation
  • Honor the gift of sight given by selfless donors and their families
  • Celebrate cornea transplant recipients living their fullest lives thanks to the generosity of cornea donors
  • Educate about eye donation and encourage individuals to register as eye donors

Celebrate With Us!

Printed Materials

Print and download materials to display at home or work to remind others of the importance of eye, organ and tissue donation. Adults and children alike can enjoy these fun and bright materials!


Print the handout with facts, data and FAQs. Learn how you can help. This resource is a great tool for presentations or local community talks. Have coffee with friends and tell them about your donation decision and share how donation impacts your community with these facts. Did you know that just one cornea donor can restore sight in two others?

Social Media

Share these graphics on your social media pages. Sharing your donation decision with your friends and family is important. Hop to it this November and let's be thankful for restoring sight this November!

*Information and resources made available in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, Eye Bank Association of America and Donate Life America.