Pueblo Woman Takes Time to Thank Families

Bilateral Transplant Recipient's Small Token of Gratitude

These two quilts were made by Pam, a bilateral corneal transplant recipient with a hereditary disease of the eye called Fuch's Dystrophy. In November of 2019, these quilts were shipped to each of Pam's donor families as a small token of gratitude for the gifts she received in 2018.

The Beginning of Pam's Quilt-Making Journey

Pam decided to start making quilts when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to show appreciation for the many people involved in her mother’s care. Pam would often involve her mother in quilt-making and, in doing so, found that laying out quilt tiles was calming and therapeutic for her mother.

Since her cornea transplants in 2018, Pam and her daughter have made over 200 quilts. No two are alike and they are always free. Pam's husband is currently on the kidney transplant waiting list and, at his dialysis clinic, Pam has made quilts for the hard-working employees as well as some patients who could use a little extra support.

In her letters to the families of her cornea donors, Pam states the purpose of her quilt-making is to comfort those who are, "going through a rough patch." She incorporated various tiles in the hopes that at least one might represent who her cornea donors were to their families - their character, personality and spirit.

An Update to Pam's Journey

In August of 2020, Kathy and Lonnie, the family of one of Pam's cornea donors, responded to Pam's initial letter. Kathy and Lonnie's letter was filled with words of enthusiasm and also included the photo below, showing gratitude for the custom, hand-made gift, which was deditacted to Pam's donor. 
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