With Our Giving Culture and WyoGives, You Can Really Make a Difference!

June 15, 2023

Our Region’s Giving Culture

There’s a culture in the West, with feelings of quiet confidence, determined resilience and kind generosity where we are proud to take care of each other and our neighbors. For us, community is key to our success and the hardworking, down-to-earth men and women that established the West hundreds of years ago have proven that this western spirit and giving nature is thriving still today.

What is WyoGives?

Part of that giving spirit can live on through eye tissue donation when you register as an eye tissue donor on your driver license. Here at the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank (RMLEB), our mission is to fulfill the wishes of local eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness through transplant and research. Did you know that corneal blindness represents roughly 12% of the cases of blindness in the United States and sight can be restored for those individuals with a cornea transplant?

You can help us continue to achieve our mission by giving to RMLEB during the WyoGives annual event on July 12! WyoGives is a powerful statewide 24-hour online event designed to bring the state together as one community to support local nonprofits and we are excited to be a part of the event again this year!

Ways You Can Support RMLEB


Each of these giving options helps RMLEB continue to meet our mission. Remember by choosing RMLEB as your nonprofit to give to, you have the potential to help restore sight to the blind every day! 
Keep our region’s giving culture and hope alive by registering as an eye tissue donor on your driver license and then giving to RMLEB on July 12th during WyoGives.

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