DMEK Wet Lab Day

RMLEB Offers Wet Labs for Corneal Transplant Surgeons

By Jennifer Venerable - October 5, 2023

On October 5, 2023, RMLEB staff hosted two individual wet lab sessions for local surgeons. This wet lab gave the surgeons a hands-on demonstration of how to process corneal tissue into DMEK grafts. The tissue was released for research consent by the donor families.

During the wet lab, recovered corneal tissue was stained and then processed using sterile instruments. Our in-house lab on the University of Colorado Medical Center Anschutz Campus in Aurora, Colorado includes a microscope with camera and projection, and all the supplies needed. Our in-house processing laboratory is one of the most advanced eye bank processing facilities in the nation. Participating in a DMEK wet lab is a unique service that we offer. It enables surgeons and technicians opportunities to enhance their skills and advance clinical practice to continue helping others overcome blindness.

RMLEB is happy to host any surgeon interested in participating in a wet lab. This is a benefit we are proud to provide any surgeon who works with us, at no cost to them. Please contact Staci Terrin at sterrin@corneas.org if you are a surgeon interested in setting this up. 

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