Share the Love on National Donor Day

Celebrate Eye, Organ, and Tissue Donation on February 14

By Ryea' O'Neill - February 7, 2024

There is one day every year that stands out as a day full of romance and sweet gestures – the perfect day to show those special people in your life just how much you care. We know this day as Valentine’s Day, a time for love and romance with both ancient Roman and Christian backgrounds. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various capacities all over the world, showing how people simply love the idea of love.

But it isn’t the only thing we celebrate that day.

A Unique Observance: National Donor Day

Did you know there is another observance centered around a loving gesture celebrated every February 14? This unique day focused on the gesture of selflessly giving the gift of life to another person is called National Donor Day.

Dedicated to spreading awareness and education about eye, organ, and tissue donation, National Donor Day is a heartfelt day to share with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Ways to Celebrate National Donor Day

National Donor Day is a time for conversations around the table with family and friends. Talk about donation and ask questions. It is common to have questions about donation. We’ve provided some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide your conversations. Also, check out The Conversation Project for additional resources on how to talk about donation openly and honestly.

Do you have the heart on your driver license or state ID? Use that as a conversation starter or share a story about a local community member with a connection to donation. Sharing inspiring stories of donor families or transplant recipients can help others understand how impactful saying ”yes” to eye, organ and tissue donation can be in their local community and for those in need of transplant.

heart donation symbol y inside black heart on driver license and state id in colorado and wyoming on picture of highway with rocky mountain lions eye bank logo and donate life colorado & wyoming logo
Celebrating National Donor Day for you might also include volunteering
. Here, at RMLEB, we are always looking for cornea transplant recipients and cornea donor families willing to share their stories and assist with our outreach efforts as a meaningful way to give back. Connect with us if you are interested in being an advocate for donation at info@corneas.org.

Social Sharing Resources

We can’t forget the importance of sharing the message of National Donor Day on all our social media networks, right? When you are talking to your family and friends about your donation decision, don’t forget to post and tweet about it as well!

Let’s have an impact for good through Facebook, Instagram and whatever other social media platform you choose to share about National Donor Day! We’ve made it easy for you by creating downloadable graphics below.

National Donor Day Custom Valentines

National Donor Day Story or Reel

National Donor Day Post

Please share them on social media and with colleagues in newsletters, emails, and other communications. Spread the good word about eye, organ, and tissue donation on National Donor Day this February 14th and share the love!

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