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Recovery Technician

Job Location: Aurora, CO
Job Description:
JOB TITLE: Recovery Technician
JOB CLASSIFICATION: Full-time or part-time shifts available
LOCATION OF POSITION: Denver, Colorado metropolitan area/on-call available hours and fieldwork hours
COMPENSATION: $13.00/hr. equates to $156.00 per 12-hour shift on-call pay plus $50.00-$75.00 per case completion compensation
BENEFITS: Employer-Paid Healthcare Premiums for full-time employees
EDUCATION: Although not required, a bachelor’s degree in biology, life sciences or a related field is recommended. Commensurate medical experience may be a substitute for a degree. 

EXPERIENCE: While no specific previous experience is required, a professional appearance and a friendly and professional demeanor are required. Must have fine motor control use of both hands and digits. This position requires the ability to use basic surgical instrumentation. Previous medical, surgical and aseptic techniques, and experience working with cadavers are viewed as favorable. This position is learned through extensive on-the-job training.
SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Recovery Technician (RT) is responsible for the surgical procurement of human eye tissue for transplant and research. The RT must be able to screen for infectious disease and must be dependable and professional in appearance and behavior. The Technical Trainer and the Recovery and Eligibility Supervisor, or other designees, provide training, support, and ongoing education for this position. The Recovery Technician is responsible for routinely reviewing and comprehending all required or designated training material and attending training-related events, including but not limited to, annual excision and SOP review. The RT’s schedule covers paid 12-hour “on call and available” shifts and has the option of either part-time (up to 24 hrs./week) or full-time (36 hrs./week). Paid on-call hours can be taken remotely or from home.
  • When serving as on-call, this position must respond and communicate promptly.
  • Driving to and from recovery locations, hospitals or other facilities is required. Long distances from time to time may be needed or required.
  • Verify the accuracy of consent paperwork and donor I.D.
  • Perform a thorough physical inspection and ocular penlight exam.
  • Perform a post-mortem blood draw and obtain all available lab specimens.
  • Prepare the donor and recovery site for aseptic procedures.
  • Perform an aseptic surgical scrub.
  • Utilizing the principles of aseptic/sterile technique, recover ocular tissue for both transplant and research needs.
  • When requested, collect vitreous and provide documentation to medical examiners or coroners.
  • Responsible for the transportation of recovered tissue to RMLEB’s laboratory, or in some cases from RMLEB to surgical facilities for transplant.
  • Attend technician meetings or training events as scheduled.
  • Communicate effectively, written and verbal, as an effective member of the team.
  • Maintain RMLEB property such as surgical instruments and recovery supplies, including verification of recovery product expiration dates.
  • Represent RMLEB in a professional manner to hospitals, coroners, mortuaries, other recovery agencies, and the public.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Manager.
MISCELLANEOUS POSITION REQUIREMENTS: This job requires driving to perform position duties. As such, a valid driver's license, current insurance, and access to a personal and dependable vehicle are required. Access to the internet and a valid email account is required also.
SUPERVISOR: Donation and Eligibility Supervisor