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On-Call Recovery Technician

Posted by:
Janell Lewis
Job Location: Aurora, CO
Job Description:
JOB TITLE: Recovery Technician
Colorado. Remote/On Call available hours and field work hours

COMPENSATION: $13.00/hr. on call pay plus $50.00-$75.00 per case completion compensation
EDUCATION: Although not required, a bachelor’s degree in biology, life sciences or a related field is recommended. Commensurate experience may substitute for a degree.
EXPERIENCE: While no specific previous experience is required, a professional appearance and friendly attitude and demeanor is required. Must have fine motor control use of both hands and digits. Some surgical instrument familiarity/interest and the ability to use basic surgical instrumentation is required. Previous medical, surgical/aseptic technique and/or experience working with cadavers are all favorable. This position is learned through extensive training.
SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Recovery Technician (RT) is responsible for the surgical procurement of human eye tissue for the purpose of transplant and research. The RT must be able to move and manipulate donor bodies to screen for infectious disease and must be dependable and professional in appearance and behavior. Technical Trainer and/or Recovery and Eligibility Supervisor, or other designees, provide training and on-going education. The RMLEB Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will be adhered to at all times unless adequate approval for variance has been granted. RT's are responsible for routinely reviewing all required or designated training material and attending training related events, including but not limited to, annual excision and SOP review. Passing scores for quizzes or other testing methods may be required. Minimum case numbers may be designated in order to maintain minimum skills proficiency. RT’s pre-self-schedule for paid 12 hour “on call and available” shifts and can choose part time (up to 24 hrs./week) or full time (36 hrs./week). Part time and full time have differing levels of potential employee benefits available. Paid on call hours can be taken remotely or at home.
  • When on-call respond to each call promptly
  • Driving to and from recovery locations, hospitals, or other facilities is required. Long distances from time to time may be needed / required
  • Verify proper consent paperwork and donor I.D.
  • Perform a thorough physical inspection and ocular penlight exam
  • Perform a post-mortem blood draw and obtain all available lab (premortem) specimens
  • Prepare the donor and recovery site for aseptic procedures
  • Perform an aseptic surgical scrub
  • Utilizing the principles of aseptic/sterile technique, recover ocular tissue (corneas or whole eyes) for both transplant and research needs
  • Perform basic restoration for mortuary/family viewing
  • Collect vitreous and provide documentation to medical examiners/coroners
  • Transportation of tissue to RMLEB laboratory, or in some cases from RMLEB to surgical facilities for transplant
  • Attend technician meetings or training events as scheduled
  • Communicate effectively, written and verbal, as an effective member of work team
  • Maintain RMLEB property (surgical instruments and recovery supplies), including verification of recovery product expiration dates
  • Represent RMLEB professionally to hospitals, coroners, mortuaries, other recovery agencies and to the public
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Manager
MISCELLANEOUS POSITION REQUIREMENTS: This job requires driving to perform position duties. As such, a valid driver's license, current insurance, and access to a personal vehicle are required. Continuing education, training materials, and feedback will be given to assess performance. Access to the Internet and a valid email account are required.
SUPERVISOR: Donation and Eligibility Supervisor
Distant Vision:  Same as state requirements for operating an automobile.
Near Vision:  Jaeger-2 (near card) with or without correction at 16 inches.
Stereo Vision: “Pass” with the Stereo Fly test as a minimum screening criteria.
PD: The Inter-pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between pupils. No less than 50 mm and no more than 78 mm as measured with a PD stick using standard opticianary technique.
Color Vision: “Pass” using the Pseudo Isochromic Plate test (PIP) or Ishihara Plates. 
Dexterity: All necessary digits on both hands in order to use surgical instruments.  Appropriate dexterity to operate business machines with or without aids or prosthesis.
Strength: Adequate strength to roll a 250-pound body.
Ambulation: Ability to ambulate on their own.
Hearing: Normal conversational hearing in order to interact with hospital staff and families.  Understanding speech:  250 hz to 8000 hz in the worse ear with or without aid.
Intact Dermis: Needs to perform a surgical scrub of the hands and arms prior to performing sterile technical work such as recoveries or other tissue handling. Finger nails must be kept short and well maintained, no fake nails.
Possible Benefits:
401k Matching
Short Term Disability
Accident Insurance
Flex Spending Account
Sick Time
Wellness Plan
Gap Insurance
Mileage Reimbursement