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Eligibility Specialist

Posted by:
Kevin Smith
Job Location: Aurora, CO
Job Description:

LOCATION OF POSITION: RMLEB office/laboratory (Aurora, CO)
STARTING SALARY: $52,000 a year
EDUCATION: Although not required, a bachelor’s degree in biology, life sciences or a related field is recommended. Commensurate experience may substitute for a degree.
EXPERIENCE: Experience in a medical related field with familiarity in medical terminology is strongly desired. This position is learned through extensive training. Related experience and good customer service experience will be viewed favorably.
SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Eligibility Specialist performs advanced level eye banking skills and must be knowledgeable of RMLEB procedures, EBAA standards, and FDA regulations pertaining to donor transplant eligibility. The Eligibility Specialist is responsible for donor record follow-up, completion, review, and donor transplant eligibility determination.  Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to slit-lamp and specular microscopy, plasmadilution, infectious disease sample submission and results evaluation, collection and interpretation of medical information pertaining to tissue designation and/or donor eligibility.  The Eligibility Specialist must have strong communication skills, demonstrate ability to interpret intent of applicable standards, and be dedicated to quality performance in eye banking. The ability to think critically with a  problem-solving approach and maintain a positive outlook is paramount. Excellent reading fluency and concise writing skills are critical.

  • Perform slit-lamp and specular microscopy.

  • Function as Medical Director Designee. Determine and donor eligibility and as needed tissue suitability.

  • Qualify, package, and release donor blood samples to laboratory for infectious disease testing.

  • Review available donor records (i.e. medical records, autopsy findings, and infectious disease test results, etc.).

  • Follow up on missing information in donor charts to help determine donor eligibility.

  • Create donor charts and release tissue for research and education.

  • Complete documentation and data entry of donor records.

  • Maximize tissue placement by ensuring chart review is completed and ready for distribution as soon as possible.

  • Performs and documents lab maintenance and cleaning.

  • Performs tissue inventory.

  • Gives report to relieving Eligibility Specialist.

  • Assists with the training of other Eligibility Specialist, Distribution Coordinators, and Recovery Technicians when/if needed.

  • Assists Recovery Technician, Recovery Coordinator, Tissue Processor, Lab Technician or Distribution Coordinator with duties as able/needed.

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Donation and Eligibility Supervisor and Technical Manager.

Supervisor: Donation and Eligibility Supervisor
Miscellaneous position requirements: This job requires some driving to perform position duties.  As such, a valid driver’s license, current insurance, and access to a personal vehicle is required.

Slit Lamping and Microscope use is required

Distant Vision:  Same as state requirements for operating an automobile.                           
Near Vision: Jaeger-2 (near card) with or without correction at 16 inches.
Stereo Vision: “Pass” with the Stereo Fly test as a minimum screening criteria.
PD:The Inter-pupilary distance (PD) is the distance between pupils. No less than 50 mm and no more than 78 mm as measured with a PD stick using standard opticianary technique.
Color Vision:“Pass” using the Pseudo Isochromic Plate test (PIP) or Ishihara Plates. 
Dexterity: All necessary digits on both hands in order to use surgical instruments. Appropriate dexterity to operate business machines with or without aids or prosthesis.
Strength: Adequate strength to roll a 250 pound body.
Ambulation: Ability to ambulate on their own.
Hearing: Normal conversational hearing in order to interact with hospital staff and families.  Understanding speech:  250 hz to 8000 hz in the worse ear with or without aid.
Intact Dermis: Needs to perform a surgical scrub of the hands and arms prior to performing sterile technical work such as recoveries or other tissue handling.


  • Medical

  • Vision

  • Dental

  • 401k Matching

  • Short Term Disability

  • Accident Insurance

  • Flex Spending Account

  • Vacation and Sick Time

  • Wellness Plan

  • Gap Insurance

  • Mileage Reimbursement