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Recovery & Eligibility Supervisor

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Kevin Smith
Job Location: Aurora, CO
Job Description:
COMPENSATION: Starting salary $59,000 a year
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred in biology, life sciences, or administrative/managerial with strong science/medical background or related field. Must be a CEBT or obtain within 1 year of hire.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of one year performing duties within areas of supervisory responsibilities and a minimum of 2 years eye banking experience. Eye banking experience may be substituted by commensurate or similar experience in the field of donation or healthcare and with strong leadership or supervisory experience. Preferably experienced with tissue evaluations, donor eligibility determinations, tissue use/suitability, thorough knowledge of EBAA Medical Standards, FDA Rules and Regulations (CFR 1271), and strong knowledge of RMLEB SOPs.

SUMMARY STATEMENT:  The Eligibility and Recovery Supervisor (ERS) reports to the Technical Manager and is responsible for the supervision, daily planning and delegation of the Eligibility and Recovery functions and processes. The Field Recovery, On-Call Recovery, Recovery Coordinator and Eligibility staff report to the ERS.  The ERS ensures the Recovery and Eligibility staff are trained and proficient for job functions, provides on-going training/feedback or coaching as needed, as well as evaluates and communicates any requests for needed resources.  One of the core functions of the ERS is to advocate for the donor and donor families by monitoring recovery and eligibility activities and ensuring maximum procurement of transplant and research tissues as well as efficient and complete eligibility determination. Effective interpersonal communication, good customer service and pleasant demeanor when interacting with people is critical. The ERS is the front line in the responsible areas for ensuring consistent organizational policy application and must treat staff with consistency and respect.  

  • Participate in interviewing, hiring, and training activities for staff within areas of responsibility
  • Perform annual performance reviews for staff within areas of responsibility
  • Staff coaching and if necessary, initiate counseling or performance improvement plans with guidance of the Technical Manager
  • Adjust staff schedules as needed to maximize efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction
  • With guidance and approval from the Technical Manager, develop or assist with development of training materials and ensure regular ongoing refresher training and proficiency assessments
  • Meet with the Technical Manager, Processing and Distribution Supervisor and members of the Quality Assurance staff on a scheduled basis to learn about issues found by the QA department and implement steps for continuous improvement in areas of responsibility
  • Commit to and participate in troubleshooting, problem solving, or preventative action meetings as requested
  • Monitor donor referrals and eligibility determinations to ensure they are handled appropriately in an efficient and timely manner and good customer service is being provided to donation partners
  • Ensure ongoing QC and/or monitoring of laboratory instruments, equipment, or processes and provide QA department with any necessary documentation
  • Meet regularly with Technical Manager to discuss challenges, issues, accomplishments, and goals
  • Perform the functions of an Eligibility Specialist, Distribution Coordinator, Recovery Coordinator, Lab Technician or Recovery Technician if required.
  • Organize and lead regular staff check-in, coaching, or huddle meetings in areas of responsibility
  • Identify issues surrounding donor eligibility and/or tissue suitability determinations and seek ways to maintain an efficient process that ensures only the release of high-quality, safe tissue for transplant and research/education purposes
  • Discard tissues not used for transplant or research/education
  • Gather, analyze, and report statistical data to the Technical Manager
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Technical Manager
SUPERVISOR: Technical Manager
Distant Vision: Same as state requirements for operating an automobile.                            
Near Vision: Jaeger-2 (near card) with or without correction at 16 inches.
Stereo Vision: “Pass” with the Stereo Fly test as a minimum screening criteria.
PD: The Inter-pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between pupils. No less than 50 mm and no more than 78 mm as measured with a PD stick using standard opticianary technique.
Color Vision: “Pass” using the Pseudo Isochromic Plate test (PIP) or Ishihara Plates. 
Dexterity: All necessary digits on both hands in order to use surgical instruments.  Appropriate dexterity to operate business machines with or without aids or prosthesis.
Strength: Adequate strength to roll a 250-pound body.
Ambulation: Ability to ambulate on their own.
Hearing: Normal conversational hearing in order to interact with hospital staff and families.  Understanding speech:  250 hz to 8000 hz in the worse ear with or without aid.
Intact Dermis: Needs to perform a surgical scrub of the hands and arms prior to performing sterile technical work such as recoveries or other tissue handling. Finger nails must be kept short and well maintained, no fake nails.

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