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The Annex

Current and past board members at the Lion Jack and Christine Nisselius Eye Bank Annex open house in July 2021.

In April of 2015, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank announced the naming of the Lion Jack and Christine Nisselius Eye Bank Annex in recognition of the couple’s contributions to the eye bank since 2005. The Lion Jack and Christine Nisselius Eye Bank Annex is one of the country’s most advanced eye bank processing facilities. It features a multi-room pod containing two specialized rooms that meet the stringent European Union standards for processing donated corneas.

Jack Nisselius, who died in 2012, and his wife, Christine, were active members of the Gillette Lions Club for over 60 years. The Lions are sponsors of the eye bank and its mission to fulfill the wishes of eye donors to help others overcome blindness through transplantation and research. Jack Nisselius was a long-time editor and publisher of the Gillette News-Record.

Judy Tenney, the Nisselius’ daughter, recalled her parents’ life-long dedication to fighting blindness. “I can remember as a young girl that my father was very involved in the fundraisers for the Lion's mission of fighting blindness,” Tenney said, “He and my mother, Chris, were always committed to financially supporting the Lion's mission. It is a great honor for my mother and our family to have the eye bank's annex named after them. The ‘corneal transplant research’ done at the annex is such a scientific advancement that my parents and their generation would never have dreamed possible. What a blessing that many can have their eyesight aided in this way.”