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Wyoming Statutes

Wyoming's Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

35-5-213(h) Subject to W.S. 35-5-211(j) and 35-5-223, the rights of the person to whom a part passes under W.S. 35-5-211 are superior to the rights of all others with respect to the part. The person may accept or reject an anatomical gift in whole or in part. Subject to the terms of the document of gift and this act, a person who accepts an anatomical gift of an entire body may allow embalming, burial or cremation and use of remains in a funeral service. If the gift is of a part, the person to whom the part passes under W.S. 35-5-211, upon the death of the donor and before embalming, burial or cremation, shall cause the part to be removed without unnecessary mutilation.

In addition, the law prohibits anyone from interfering or reversing the donation of an anatomical gift made through the Wyoming Donor Registry. — This includes family members, funeral homes and even the eye bank itself. Section 35-5-208 of the law states:

(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (g) of this section and subject to subsection (f) of this section, in the absence of an express, contrary indication by the donor, a person other than the donor is barred from making, amending, or revoking an anatomical gift of a donor's body or part if the donor made an anatomical gift of the donor's body or part under section 35-5-205 or an amendment to an anatomical gift of the donor's body or part under section 35-5-206.

(note: These sections referenced here deal with the manner of making an anatomical gift and the manner for revoking that gift.)