Your single-source, nonprofit eye bank

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is recognized the world over for its expertise and leadership in eye banking. In any language, RMLEB means service, quality and compassion. As one of the world's largest eye banks, surgeons may schedule transplants in advance without worry of appropriate tissue being available on the day of surgery — and without the need for importing tissue from other eye banks. Rest assured your surgical tissue is in our expert hands from donor recovery to delivery to your surgery center.

Our state-of-the-art eye banking facility meets European Union Grade A controlled environment standards for eye tissue processing, the world's toughest standard.

In addition, RMLEB offers:

  • Reasonable processing fees. Part of our nonprofit mission is a dedication to being good stewards of our resources while maintaining our place as a world leader in eye banking. Shipping in the US is included in all our processing fees. 
  • Ability to securely schedule and manage your patients directly in our distribution calendar.  You can also manage users within your office. 
  • A single source for all tissues. With 70% of Coloradans and 60% of Wyomingites registered as donors, RMLEB has eliminated the need to import tissues from other eye banks. Every cornea meets our high standards because it is in our hands from donor recovery to delivery to your surgery center.
  • Personal attention to your tissue preferences.
  • World-wide experience and leadership in eye banking. We have provided corneas to surgeons across the country and around the world.

High-quality, full-service eye banking at reasonable fees

  • Penetrating Keratoplasty (PKP):  Full-thickness corneas based on your tissue criteria. 

  • Endothelial Keratoplasties:

    • DSEK/DSAEK: Standard grafts (>100 μm) or our Ultra-thin grafts (40 μm - 90 μm). 

    • Neusidil Corneal Inserter: RMLEB is an exclusive provider of the NCI corneal inserter, whose advantages include a spatula and inserter in one device. The donor tissue is folded without overlap so endothelial cells never come into contact with each other or the instrument. Eliminates the need for viscoelastic. Read more.

    • DMEK/DMAEK: Prepared in our EU standard Grade A laboratory and marked to your specifications. Available mounted. See the marking options here.

  • Keratolimbal Allografts (KLA): Recovered using special techniques specifically for your patient.

  • Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (ALK): Pre-sectioned on request.

  • Intralase Enabled Keratoplasty: Zig-Zag, Mushroom, Tongue & Groove, and Top Hat.

  • Glaucoma Shunt Cover / Patch Grafts: Corneal tissue preserved for long-term storage in absolute alcohol. Available as whole or bisected cornea and at full-thickness or split-thickness. Eliminates back-table time in the OR.

  • Sclera: Whole sclera preserved in absolute alcohol.



Free shipping in the United States

Proximity to one of the world’s largest and most advanced airports, Denver International Airport, means reduced travel time for tissue, keeping surgeons on schedule. 

Please contact the Public & Professional Relations Department at info@corneas.org or 1-800-444-7479, option #3 to get started. 




Important Contacts at the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

Tissue Distribution: 720-848-3959    distribution@corneas.org
Main number: 720-848-3937 or toll-free at (800) 444-7479
Accounting: 720-848-3964       accounting@corneas.org
Public & Professional Relations: 720-848-3940   info@corneas.org