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Tissue Available, When You Need It

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is recognized the world over for its expertise and leadership in eye banking. In any language, RMLEB means service, quality and compassion. As one of the world's largest eye banks, surgeons may schedule transplants in advance without worry  of appropriate tissue being available on the day of surgery — and without the need for importing tissue from other eye banks.

Tissues available at RMLEB include:

  • Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK)
  • Pre-sectioned on request
  • Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK/DSAEK)
  • Standard Grafts (>100μ)
  • Double-pass, ultra-thin Grafts (50μ - 90μ)

All EK tissues prepared in our lab receive OCT evaluation for exact measurements of thickness and bed diameter as well as post-sectioning endothelial cell counts.

  • Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK/DMAEK)
    • Prepared in our lab with post-sectioning endothelial cell counts
  • Intralase Enabled Keratoplasty (IEK)
    • Zig Zag, Mushroom, Tongue & Groove, and Top Hat
  • Sclera
    • Whole, preserved in absolute alcohol

In addition, RMLEB offers surgeons:

  • Ability to schedule transplants in advance
  • 70% of Coloradans and 60% of Wyomingites are registered donors*
  • Secure, online tissue requests
  • Personal attention to your tissue preferences

Free shipping in the United States

Proximity to one of the world’s largest and most advanced airports means reduced travel time for tissue, keeping surgeons on schedule.

Please note that FDA and EBAA regulations require U.S. eye banks to collect recipient information on each ocular tissue transplanted. Surgeons must return the required forms to be able to list patients.

Please contact the Public & Professional Relations Department at or 1-800-444-7479, option #3.


Important Contacts at the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

Tissue Distribution: 720-848-3959
Main number: 720-848-3937 or toll free at (800) 444-7479
Accounting: 720-848-3964
Public & Professional Relations: 720-848-3940